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Welcome to the magnificent country we proudly call home!

It's history was forged over the millennia, and yet is nothing to compare with the natural patrimony of this country.


Welcome to our world full of wilderness, incredible landscapes, unforgettable experiences, and a great country we have the honour to call home: SPAIN.

Let us guide you through the most beautiful and breathtaking wilderness,

through our culture and our gastronomy, our history and our present and future.

As it's said, you can't buy happiness,

but you can go to Spain!

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It is the largest species of the 4 kind of Ibex we have in Spain. We find it throughout the Sierra de Gredos, both on the North and South faces.

It is very widespread throughout the northeast of the Iberian Peninsula, we find it in the mountains of Teruel, Castellon and Tarragona.

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It is the smallest species of the 4 Ibex that exist in Spain. Both in body size and horns.

We find it, as its name suggests, in the Sierra de Ronda and its surroundings.

This species is found in the South and East of the Iberian Peninsula, specifically in Granada and Almería.

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The Cantabrian Chamois is one of the smallest 10 difference existing Chamois, unique in Spain.

There are 10 difference Chamois in the world, Spain has 2 of them. The Pyrenean Chamois is located in Pyrenees mountain, in Spain face and France face.

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The Iberian Red Stag, is the smaller Red Stag in Europe. The rut time is the best time to hunt this majestic animal.

We can hunt mouflon sheep almost all over Spain, but for us, the mountain mouflon hunt is another level of experience!

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The  absolute  "Queen" of the small game in Spain.

Like the "Monteria", the driven hunts of these birds are an ancient way to hunt that keeps alive in our country.


The best for hunting in groups!

The fallow deer hunt season takes fall and winter, but the best time it's during the roar (October).

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The smallest buck in Europe, usually called by hunters "the Ghost of the Woods", this animals have something magic that makes you repeat always! 

The Barabary sheep or Audad, is the biggest ram that you can hunt in Spain. 

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It is an animal that you can find it, basically, all over the country. There are several ways to hunt them, but the main way to do it is in a Traditional Spanish Monteria (driven hunt).

In Spain we got 4 different kind of ibex, what is called the Spanish Ibex Grand Slam: 


- Gredos Ibex

- Beceite Ibex

- Ronda Ibex

- Southeastern Ibex

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